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Research on the Countermeasures of implementing talent strategy in China's packaging enterprises (Part 2)

harmonious progress is the guarantee of enterprise development

packaging enterprises are the main body participating in market competition. While talents are scarce, there is competition to snatch talents from each other, which will inevitably lead to certain contradictions and conflicts between talents and managers within enterprises. Therefore, enterprise managers must take the establishment of a harmonious and progressive enterprise environment and enterprise culture as the long-term development goal of the enterprise, go deep into the masses, understand the situation, timely guide and resolve various contradictions, promote the harmony of various interpersonal relationships within the enterprise, unite with each other, help each other, and work together in the same boat, so as to build a harmonious and progressive good social environment for the scientific and technological innovation and revitalization and development of the enterprise

establish a scientific mechanism of "head raising" and "head hunting": "head, brain, think tank." In this sense, raising a head is to cultivate people and improve their quality, while headhunting is to introduce talents or people who have not made progress, and its think tank can be used by me. From this perspective, "head raising" and "Headhunting" are in line with the spirit of the central talent work conference. But to be specific, the literal meaning of "head care" and "head hunting" is far from the actual meaning. How to "head care" and "head hunting" is a long-term and arduous task for Chinese enterprises in the future, especially for packaging enterprises. For packaging enterprises that lack talents, "head raising" and "head hunting" are of great significance. To establish a scientific mechanism of "head care" and "head hunting" that can operate for a long time and realize the reasonable possession of the first resource is the only way for China's packaging enterprises to get out of difficulties

establish a training mechanism to promote the growth of talents

the managers of packaging enterprises should have a long-term strategic vision and make great efforts in training talents. First of all, we should build the operation and management team into a learning organization, achieve the goal of knowledge and specialization, and establish a high-level think tank for operation and management. Secondly, we should carry out the all staff reading plan in the enterprise, carry out staff rotation training or all staff training, comprehensively improve the cultural quality and professional knowledge of employees, and create a knowledge-based and expert high-quality staff team. Thirdly, we should establish a long-term and sustainable good relationship with relevant colleges and universities to meet the requirements of the changing situation for enterprise employees to update their knowledge. They can also set up special vocational training schools by themselves, and encourage employees to contact or enter colleges and universities by themselves, and give partial or full subsidies at any cost

establish a reserve mechanism to ensure the urgent need of talents

the shortage of professional and technical talents in packaging enterprises is largely caused by the enterprise managers' eagerness for quick success and instant benefits and shortsightedness. When the enterprise benefits well, the introduction of talents is not standardized, whether it is needed or not, and whether it can do both; When the enterprise benefits are poor, it is eager to cut down staff and increase efficiency, resulting in a large loss of professional and technical talents, resulting in the embarrassing situation that today's talent share of packaging enterprises is less than one third of that of national enterprises. Through the guarantee and reserve mechanism of talents in packaging enterprises, the relationship between talent reserve and employee training and scientific and technological innovation should be fully considered to ensure that the storage is free and useful. In other words, talents related to enterprise development should be appropriately introduced and reserved even if there is no immediate need

in order not to waste talents, we can take measures to train and further study the reserved talents or rotate with the front-line employees. We can also enrich the reserved talents to the research institutions or technical innovation teams of the enterprise, so that they can be trained and improved in the reserved stage, contribute to the scientific and technological innovation of the enterprise, and give full play to their positive role

establish the introduction mechanism of scarce talents

talent introduction is one of the important means to ensure the long-term prosperity of enterprises. To establish an introduction mechanism for talents in short supply, the most important thing is to establish a national and even global professional talent information database, fully grasp and update the information of all kinds of talents at all levels of the major at any time, especially for enterprises in urgent need of talents and talents in short supply, it is more necessary to master their thoughts and trends, so as to contact and negotiate with them at any time. On the basis of mastering the information, we should seize the opportunity to strengthen the communication and contact with talent training institutions or talents themselves, clarify the objectives, treatment, nature of work and tasks, discipline, reward and punishment measures, and objectively convey the enterprise's situation and requirements for talents and other relevant information to each other, so as to understand each other, trust each other, and finally reach an agreement

establish an interactive mechanism to promote talents to display their talents

at present, China is in great shortage of high-level talents, and the introduction of high-level talents has become the focus of enterprises' talent strategy. In this competition, packaging enterprises are in a very disadvantageous position. This requires the decision-makers and managers of packaging enterprises to establish a new employment concept of "not for me, but for me", that is, through extensive cooperation with colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other ways, take the road of combining production, learning and research, subsidize high-level talents to carry out scientific and technological innovation, and enjoy the intellectual achievements of high-level talents with compensation. At the same time, experts and scholars can also be invited to enterprises for discussion, lectures, training, technical consultation, diagnosis or evaluation of enterprise products, technology and management. In this way, although high-level talents have not been hunted, they have been hunted for their wisdom, so as to realize the benign interaction between high-level talents and enterprises, and form a win-win pattern of optimal allocation of human resources and countries, enterprises and talents

implementing effective measures of using talents and encouraging talents is the key for enterprises to establish a scientific and technological innovation system and enhance their core competitiveness. We should focus on the following three things:

correctly deal with the relationship between talent ability and job position, and realize the coordination and unification of ability and job

"people make the best use of their talents and talents" is the employment principle of our country from ancient times to the present. Today, with the increasingly detailed division of labor in society, superior environment and conditions and suitable positions make talents have a strong desire to create, give full play to their talents, and fully release their potential. Therefore, packaging enterprises must allocate all kinds of jobs to coordinate the working relationship resources and human resources to achieve the best results

correctly handle the relationship between talent treatment and work performance, eliminate the cause of failure, and realize the coordination and unity of treatment and performance.

realizing the basic balance between interests and is one of the main norms of market economy. Packaging enterprises should formulate corresponding evaluation, reward and punishment, incentive and other systems according to the law of market economy, objectively and fairly evaluate the work performance of talents, honor various incentive measures, encourage talents to strive for more material and spiritual wealth with their own efforts and achievements, let all the vitality of labor, knowledge, technology, management and capital burst out, and let all the sources of creating social wealth flow fully, In order to promote the revitalization and development of enterprises

correctly handle the relationship between intellectual property rights and enterprise development, and realize the coordination and unity of talent innovation and enterprise prosperity

how to protect and apply the innovative achievements of talents is a major topic that enterprises are generally facing at present. Although talents have obtained innovative achievements with the support of enterprises, intellectual property rights are not necessarily monopolized by enterprises, but should be shared by innovators and enterprises. However, many enterprises have different ways to reflect the interests of innovators in the development and application after the sharing of achievements, and the relatively successful experience is to conduct a comprehensive, scientific and fair evaluation of innovation achievements, clearly divide the rights and obligations of enterprises and innovators, compensate the interests of innovators by means of technology shares, and organically connect the interests of innovators and enterprises, In order to facilitate the continuous improvement and improvement of innovative achievements. China's packaging enterprises may wish to learn from this successful practice, so that enterprise talents can participate in the revitalization and development of enterprises through the benefits of innovation, and realize their entrepreneurial ideals

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