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Plastic processing plants were fined one million yuan for discharging wastewater through seepage pits

[China Packaging News] since 2018, Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau has filed and investigated 314 cases of environmental violations, issued an administrative penalty of 79.14 million yuan, sealed up and detained 86 cases, 11 cases involving administrative detention and transferred to public security organs, and 6 cases involving environmental pollution crimes. On May 9, the municipal ecological environment bureau announced ten typical cases of environmental violations

on April 26th, 2018, Xinmin Ecological Environment Bureau inspected the plastic particle processing site operated by Liu in qigongtai village, Hutai Town, and found that the supporting pollution prevention and control facilities for the processing site had not been built, and the main project had been put into use. A large amount of wastewater was generated in the production process, which was directly discharged through seepage pits without treatment. After testing, the wastewater in the seepage pit exceeds the national discharge standard. Xinmin Ecological Environment Bureau punished him by 1 million yuan for failing to build pollution prevention and control facilities, 1 million yuan for using new processes and new manufacturing technologies, and 1 million yuan for using seepage pits to discharge production wastewater, and transferred the case to the public security organ

on February 26th, 2018, Hunnan branch of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau tested the pollutants in the wastewater discharged from the Houlin new village mobile sewage treatment station operated by Hunnan Water Group Co., Ltd. the test results showed that three pollutants in the wastewater discharged on February 26th exceeded the standard, of which the concentration of suspended solids exceeded the standard by 2.8 times. Hunnan branch of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau ordered the unit to correct its illegal behavior and imposed a fine of 560000 yuan

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