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According to experts' analysis, the stagnation and downward trend of the development of Beijing's plastic products processing industry has reached the bottom, and will begin to show a rising trend in the future. It is predicted that by 2010, the total consumption of plastic products in Beijing will reach 300000 tons (including 150000 tons of plastic products industry), and the sales revenue of plastic products industry will reach 10billion yuan. Beijing construction plastics will be developed first, and plastic products supporting high and new technologies will develop accordingly. Therefore, in less than 10 years, Beijing's plastic products industry will have considerable development

the plastic processing industry in Beijing used to be in the leading position in China for a long time. In the past 10 years, the development has been difficult, and it has obviously lagged behind the development of the same industry in China. At present, the development of Beijing's plastic industry should have progress and retreat, speed up the pace of combining the advantages of raw materials with the plastic processing industry, and encourage the development of private enterprises, which is crucial to the development of Beijing's plastic processing industry

in recent years, the plastic products processing industry in Beijing has shown "big at both ends and small in the middle". "Big at both ends", that is, Yanhua, as the largest and most important plastic raw material base in Beijing to promote regional industrial transformation and innovation, has an annual output of more than 1million tons; The consumption market of plastic products in Beijing is huge. "Small in the middle" refers to the declining plastic processing industry in Beijing. The main reason is that in the past, the major plastic products processing enterprises were state-owned and large collective, with heavy institutional constraints and burdens. Therefore, the competitiveness of such enterprises was generally weak. At the same time, local enterprises and some insulation materials are mostly labor-intensive enterprises or enterprises supporting labor-intensive enterprises. For various reasons, most of the raw materials in Beijing can only be processed into products in other places and then sold back

according to the development idea of Beijing and the positioning of the economic and political center of the capital, the development of Beijing's plastic processing industry must achieve progress and retreat. Among them, labor-intensive plastic products and plastic products supporting labor-intensive enterprises should be gradually withdrawn from the urban areas, and small and medium-sized labor-intensive enterprises can enter the suburbs. Focus on the development of products with high technology content and high added value that meet the needs of the capital. For example, the characteristics of this cold and hot impact testing machine include: the equipment area is the plastic products supporting high-tech industries such as high-temperature industries, automobile manufacturing, biomedicine and other high-tech industries, as well as the precision injection parts of various engineering plastics

in addition, it is also crucial to develop products suitable for local supply, including plastic pipes and fittings, thermal insulation materials (foamed plastics), etc. In addition, some plastic products for packaging, such as hollow products, are also suitable for local supply. Only the building thermal insulation materials of Beipao group are stronger in Beijing. In terms of plastic pipes and profiles, at present, in addition to beixinjian plastic, there are many manufacturers, but no dominant brands have been formed

due to the fact that the advantages of raw materials in Beijing are not combined with the optimization of plastic processing industry, the bottleneck of Beijing's plastic processing industry is caused. Yanhua is an important plastic raw material base in Beijing, but for Yanhua, it is impossible to expand its scale due to the lack of oil resources. In June this year, Liu Qi, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party committee, and his party made a special trip to Yanhua, listened to the company's idea of building a "Beijing Petrochemical new materials Industrial Park", and paid great attention to the development of Yanhua. Therefore, Yanhua can learn from foreign practices and cooperate closely with plastic processing enterprises in the city in the industrial park. There are precedents for petrochemical enterprises to invest in the plastic products industry in the world. For example, half of the capital of the famous European plastic pipe and pipe fitting enterprise pailaifu comes from the raw material group Solvay, and the plastic products enterprise "South Asia" in Taiwan belongs to "Formosa Plastics". Therefore, in addition to Yanhua, some chemical enterprises can also use relocation to turn to plastic products

it is understood that the Beijing plastics industry association has reported to the Municipal Economic Commission that the government should take the initiative to establish a plastics industrial park. At present, the relevant departments in Beijing have responded and preliminarily decided to establish an industrial zone in Fangshan District to attract foreign and foreign enterprises with preferential policies

recently, many foreign enterprises have invested and built factories in Beijing. The foreign enterprises that have entered Beijing in the field of plastic pipe fittings are Fujian "Yatong", "Shanghai" Hawei ", Guangdong" Longfa "and other strong private enterprise groups. They can not only bring advanced technology and equipment, but also absorb surplus labor force, which is a shortcut for the rapid development of Beijing's plastic products processing industry. In addition, some international famous plastic pipe enterprises are investigating the feasibility of establishing production enterprises in China with technical parameters: precision grade of experimental machine: Grade 1

the competition in plastic products industry is very fierce, and the investment is relatively low. Practice has proved that private enterprises with flexible systems are most suitable for this field. Therefore, while considering the transformation and restructuring of existing state-owned enterprises, Beijing plastic products industry will pay more attention to encouraging and supporting the development of private enterprises, and attract foreign private enterprises to set up factories in Beijing

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