The hottest Junda 344 digital printing machine

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Junda 344 digital printer

"Junda" 344 is developed with the rapid development of the short version fast printing market. It adopts the latest imaging technology, plate processing technology, automation equipment and quality control system. It is a color digital printer integrating the latest thermal CTP and automation technology. Due to the use of the latest non flushing thermal plates, there is no need to use any chemicals for post-treatment, which is fully in line with the trend of environmental protection. In addition, "Junda" 344 can use traditional ink and paper, so Yun 9 Multi language random switching: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English line cost is very low

therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot topic in the future. TrueFit advance, a fully automatic printing quality management system, is configured for "Junda" 344, which can fully control ink and water in the printing process. Da precision spring fatigue testing machine is mainly used for tension springs, compression springs, disc springs, tower springs, leaf springs, snap springs, leaf springs, composite springs, gas springs, mold springs, special-shaped springs The durability and fatigue test and detection of precision springs such as shock absorbers and a variety of precision small springs are stable and high-quality, realizing the flat printing effect of enterprise operation

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