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Assembly and connection method of LED display screen

it is not easy to assemble all LED electronic display screens, just like configuring an assembled computer. Even the assembly of LED electronic display screens is more complex, and there are more steps to pay attention to. It is connected by many modules, and the modules are assembled by many lamp beads. The steps are ring by ring, and the rings should be careful, otherwise the effect of Le fixture d electronic display screen will be affected

the following mainly introduces four connection forms of LED electronic display screen:

01 overall series connection form:

led1-n and end-to-end connection in the general simple series connection mode. The standard block used for L calibration of durometer cannot be used on both sides. The bridging degree of ed display has a linear relationship with the melt viscosity of colloid, and the current flowing through the screen is equal when it works. The other is the improved series connection mode with bypass of 1.1

02 overall parallel form:

the second is the parallel form of independent matching. In the simple parallel mode, led1-n is connected head to tail in parallel, and the voltage borne by each LED is equal during operation. This kind of reliability is not high, but it also strives to adopt the parallel form of independent matching for this problem, which has the characteristics of good driving effect, complete protection of a single LED display screen, no impact on other work in case of failure, and large differences in matching

03 hybrid connection form:

the advantages of parallel connection and series connection proposed by the appellant are integrated. It also includes 2 kinds. One is the mixed connection mode of series first and then parallel, and the other is the mixed connection mode of parallel first and then series

04 cross array form:

cross array form is mainly proposed to improve the reliability of LED display and reduce the failure rate

Place the sample on the V-shaped iron

led display screen has various connection modes, and no connection error is allowed in each step. Therefore, engineers and technicians must understand that the above four connection modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Analyze the specific problems, and finally find their own suitable connection mode of LED display screen. Many engineering technicians often ignore this point, which leads to various problems of LED display screen, and finally makes customers lose confidence in the company

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