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The appearance of yogurt packaging is an effective way to reflect the characteristics of products. Different shapes, compositions and materials represent different meanings. The information it conveys is easier for consumers to accept than the text introduction. In the appearance of products, the composition elements with color and pattern as the main components can most attract consumers' attention and arouse their desire to buy. Competition is everywhere in the market economy. As the most attractive packaging to consumers, it has been used by manufacturers almost beyond measure

highlight product features and attract people with "color". From the perspective of packaging color, white, green, blue and red are the most commonly used colors for yogurt outer packaging. 48.9% of yogurt varieties choose white as one of the main colors. White is the essential color of yogurt. Taking white as the packaging to highlight the natural characteristics of their products, supplemented by the psychological hint of cleanliness and hygiene, these are the basic requirements for consumers to choose yogurt and other dietary products such as starch. 28.8% of yogurt varieties choose green as one of the main colors of the product. Green is a synonym for environmental protection, which implies the original ecology, freshness and pollution-free of products. It is a higher pursuit after people's life reaches a certain level. Plain yogurt usually uses these two colors, followed by blue, red, pink, purple and yellow. The tensile strength is also high. The introduction of these colors mainly adapts to the preferences of different consumer groups for different colors, highlighting the unique personality and taste of consumers. Therefore, these products also reflect the characteristics of single products. For example, some strawberry, blueberry and mango flavored fruit yogurt will use the color of additives more. How to complete the steel bar bending detection

the product pattern is "fresh" and attractive

in addition to color, the packaging pattern is another way to transmit product information. After observation, bright and lovely images are mainly used in the market as the patterns of product packaging. 43.1% of the product patterns are composed of fresh and dripping fruits. Fruit is recognized as a healthy food that can arouse people's appetite, which indirectly reflects the current position of fruit flavored yogurt in the yogurt Market and its future development prospects. Although we say that 40% of yogurt patterns are composed of fruit, we will find that ordinary yogurt and functional yogurt rarely choose fruit patterns, but more choose milk, plants, cartoon characters, geometric figures, etc. Although milk patterns also account for a certain proportion, most of them are plain yogurt. With the gradual improvement of people's requirements for yogurt products, this packaging pattern will gradually withdraw from the market. Cartoon characters are also frequently used packaging patterns in yogurt products, which are mainly for children's consumer groups

different categories match different packaging patterns

yogurt products of different categories correspond to different consumer groups, so they also have their corresponding product patterns to attract the attention of this group and have a foothold in the era of commodity economy with eye-catching economy

ordinary yogurt tends to choose milk and plants as packaging patterns, emphasizing the natural and original nature of the product; Functional yogurt mostly takes cartoon characters, cartoon animals and geometric figures as packaging patterns, emphasizing professionalism; Fruit yoghurt often uses fruit as the packaging pattern to reflect the unique taste of the product and highlight its characteristics

it should be noted that 76% of fruit flavored yoghurt products choose fruit patterns for the friction of moisture and other pollutants. For example, strawberry flavored yoghurt uses strawberries as the pattern of yoghurt packaging, which makes it difficult for consumers to quickly identify which brand of fruit flavored yoghurt is. Fruit yogurt manufacturers should highlight their own characteristics in the selection of patterns and become unique in fruit yogurt products

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