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Junan Haida has become the most trusted packaging brand in the food industry. Food safety has become an issue that affects the national economy and the people's livelihood, and has become the most important issue of the whole society. Plastic packaging products have always been an important part of food sales, and also an important factor that often leads to malignant events of food poisoning. Therefore, the quality composition, safety and environmental protection of plastic packaging products directly affect the healthy development of the entire food industry, and become a health hazard of food safety

China's plastic packaging industry has always been mixed, but recently it was found that the high safety plastic packaging products produced by Junan Haida Plastic packaging products Co., Ltd. not only won the active cooperation of more than 1000 well-known enterprises and international brands around the world in the calculation formula of 3.3 acceleration and displacement smooth intersection frequency, but also became the only partner of hundreds of store owners and e-commerce platforms

why in the whole plastic product production and processing industry, as early as mid November 2016, only Junan Haida Plastic packaging products Co., Ltd. can gain the trust of many international brands and well-known food enterprises and become a food packaging brand trusted by consumers? Experts in the plastic processing industry gave the following analysis:

first, adhere to the quality first, achieve the national top standard, and win the trust of consumers. In 2014, it is estimated that the market capacity of this field will be 12000 tons Lai

an industry expert interpreted the relationship between food and plastic packaging: in the sales process of food, the poor performance of packaging materials will lead to food mildew and rot. Or there are too many harmful ingredients in the packaging materials, which will directly pollute the food and make the food produce various toxins and harmful substances. Food is like a bride who is about to get married. Food packaging is the bride's beautiful, fit and safe wedding dress. This shows how important the quality of food packaging is for food safety

Junan Haida has always adhered to the principle that quality is king. In terms of product quality, it implements quality supervision and control in the whole process from production to delivery: it establishes a strict layered quality management system, employs a number of professional process technicians with high salaries, and carefully audits every production and processing link of products. Ensure that every product meets customer requirements and national standards. It is the high standard requirements for product quality that enable the enterprise to pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification; 14001 environmental system certification; The products have obtained the qualification of national export commodity inspection; Production license issued by AQSIQ. Junan Haida is one of the few plastic product production and processing enterprises in China, which has obtained a number of national authoritative quality certificates. It is precisely because Junan Haida's products are of high quality that they can be trusted and accepted by food brands such as China Eastern Airlines food, Shandong Airlines food and Daliyuan

second, pay attention to technological innovation, and the effect of food preservation is at the leading level in the industry.

continuous technological innovation can ensure that the efficacy of products can be continuously surpassed. As an enterprise with the first and second largest internal regulation modules in the industry, Junan Haida, with its strong capital and strength as a solid backing, has continuously innovated the production process and technology of products, and successfully developed and produced a series of new functional plastic packaging products to maximize the fresh-keeping effect of food, such as the high transparency film that improves the shelf life of moon cakes. A moon cake manufacturer told: in the past, the packaging of moon cakes was mainly added with preservatives that guaranteed the maximum allowable limit value, and the shelf life was only about one month. We use the high transparency film developed by Junan Haida, without any additives, which reduces the risk of food pollution, and can also improve the shelf life of moon cakes to more than 2 months

third, the products are green and environmentally friendly, and have become a modern commodity circulation and sales method for more than 1000 well-known enterprises and international brand suppliers around the world. For example, plastic packaging materials are indispensable for refrigeration, logistics and supermarkets, which can protect food, improve food hygiene and safety, and reduce waste and loss. It can be said that plastic packaging has become an essential material to ensure food safety, and plays an increasingly important role in the development of human society and civilized life. However, it is precisely because of the wide use of plastic packaging materials that the impact on the environment has been strengthened. Based on the consideration of environmental protection, Junan Haida starts from improving the environmental protection performance of plastic packaging materials, if there is no more stuffing, so that plastic packaging can effectively serve the society, while the damage to the environment is basically zero

due to the strict control of product quality and after-sales service, and the unique four market operation advantages of Shanghai Da company, Haida company has become a well-known plastic product manufacturer in China, with cooperative customers all over China, Europe and the United States and many other countries and regions. Moreover, Haida adheres to the responsibility of protecting the living environment and the goal of serving customers, constantly improves the marketing mode and market competitiveness, promotes the rapid and healthy development of the plastic processing industry, and makes Haida Plastic packaging products a brand trusted by consumers nationwide and even globally

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