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Assembly and packaging of the whole process of camera design and packaging (II)

the base needs to be pasted with QC and anti-counterfeiting labels, and the bullet head should be equipped with foot pads. This work can be carried out simultaneously by opening another assembly line

(paste anti-counterfeiting label)

after all accessories are assembled, the most important thing to do is to conduct a full QA inspection, such as checking the tightness of the focusing position of the lens, and then further checking whether the assembled camera is scratched during the assembly process. If the camera is qualified in 7.3 batches, it is not only simple to assemble all parts at that time, but also the quality inspection before and after assembly. If the product quality is too high, don't casually shake the hardness of components in the circuit, and you can't be careless in any details

(check the color difference of the test material in the natural environment by comparing the color card. The traditional experimental method cannot speed up the time)

(check the tightness of the adjusting ring and the main body and the base)

second, the packaging

the camera is assembled, and the rest is packaging. Put the instructions, CDs, certificates, etc. into the color shell in order, and then put the inner bracket into the color shell, you can put the camera in the corresponding position. Before placing, you still need to check whether the shell is damaged, and if there are scratches, it is unqualified. The barcode shall be pasted on the outer package in sequence. Then you can pack it

source: Tianmin company

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