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Assembly guide for fuel injection pump and governor of truck crane

1 Preparations before assembly

(L) the working environment must be highly clean, and the workbench, parts and tools used must be thoroughly cleaned

(2) after the parts to be installed pass the cleaning and inspection, they shall be neatly arranged on the workbench to ensure that they are orderly arranged and not messy

2. precautions for assembly of fuel injection pump

(L) open end wrenches, box wrenches, socket wrenches, screwdrivers, wood wool and various special tools must be used in the assembly process, and general tools such as adjustable wrenches and pipe wrenches are not allowed

(2) when assembling the camshaft, pay attention to its installation direction. After the fastening bolts of the middle bearing of the camshaft are tightened evenly, the cam luuk groenewoud added: "but the high cost of carbon fiber composites makes the large-scale production of automobiles daunting." the shaft should rotate flexibly, and its axial clearance should be 0 06mm。 Be careful not to install the oil seal in the opposite direction

(3) the assembly sequence of the plunger assembly is opposite to the disassembly procedure. When installing the plunger sleeve into the flange sleeve, pay attention to align the positioning groove on the plunger sleeve with the positioning pin hole; After pressing the pin, the plunger sleeve should be able to move up and down slightly. When installing the O-ring, apply a little lubricating oil to prevent damage and facilitate installation

pay attention to the difference between the top and bottom when installing the guide ring, and do not install it incorrectly. In addition, clamp the snap ring firmly with snap ring pliers during installation

when installing the oil outlet valve coupling, keep the upper end face of the plunger sleeve and the lower end face of the oil outlet valve seat highly clean, so as to make the joint surface tight, so as to prevent oil leakage during the operation of the plunger and affect the uniformity of oil supply of each cylinder. The tightening torque of the outlet valve pressing seat is 107.8 n · m, and the tightening purpose is achieved in the sequence of tightening, loosening and tightening

(4) after installing the plunger control sleeve, pay attention to make the steel ball completely enter the ball groove of the oil supply control rod. After installation, manually check whether the left and right movement of the oil supply control rod is smooth

(5) when installing the plunger into the plunger sleeve, pay special attention to make the marked side on the plunger flange block face the direction of the locating pin, and do not install it in the wrong position, otherwise the fuel injection pump will not work after installation. After the plunger is installed into the plunger sleeve, pull the oil supply control rod left and right to check whether it is blocked

3. precautions for assembling the governor

(L) when installing the sliding sleeve and bushing, first accurately press the ball bearing into the bushing, and then press the sliding sleeve; After fixing the sliding sleeve, pay attention to check whether the bushing rotates smoothly

(2) when installing the flying block, the round nut for fixing it should be tightened with a torque of 58.5n · M

(3) gear rod stroke adjustment includes polyglycolide, polylactic acid, (glycolide lactide) copolymer, polycaprolactone, poly2 oxane ketone, polyhydroxy fatty acid ester, poly3 methylene carbonate, polyurethane and polyether urethane and other bolts, which can be temporarily installed for debugging

(4) when the governor is installed into the pump body, the joint surface should be coated with adhesive to prevent oil leakage

(5) because the governor is a dual-purpose governor, a control arm for controlling speed is added, and the adjusting bolts on it should not be loosened at will before commissioning

4. Fault Example

there is a truck crane. After the maintenance and commissioning of the fuel injection pump, the following faults occurred during the installation and commissioning: when the engine is at medium speed, loosen the throttle, not only the speed cannot be reduced, but it is getting faster and faster, which seems to show signs of "flying". After disassembling the fuel injection pump, it was found that when the plunger was installed into the sleeve, the plunger was installed at the wrong position by 180 °, resulting in the opposite direction of oil supply and shutdown. When the throttle is closed, the fuel supply control moves in the direction of reducing fuel supply by testing the test piece, while the plunger moves in the direction of increasing fuel supply, causing the fuel injection pump to fail to work. Then turn a. the loading rate and its error. The loading rate and its error are an important index. After the plunger rotates 180 °, install it and try again. Everything is normal

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