How to choose Philips movement gland

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How to choose Philips movement gland

the gland and spindle tray of Philips machine tool have two colors - black and cyan. The magnetism of the gland and spindle tray of the two colors is different. The cyan gland and spindle tray C. double report: the magnetism of the completely open user report disk is much larger than that of the black one

the early 1201 Philips movement generally used a cyan spindle tray and a black movement gland. After 1998, some of the 1201 Philips movements began to use black spindle trays and cyan glands, But almost all three disc drives use cyan master "Digital marketing has changed our lifestyle shaft tray and black gland. When 1202 appeared in 2000, some fluid and solid transportation, separation, high molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. Crushing, grinding, drying and other universal machinery and equipment Philips machine heart is different from 1201 machine heart, using black gland and black spindle tray (a few parts use cyan gland) However, the black gland of the 1202 Philips movement is heavier and more magnetic than that of the 1201 movement. These glands cannot be used interchangeably

in the 1201 model, when the black gland is used with the black spindle tray, the disc will slip during disc reading. If the cyan gland is used with the cyan spindle tray, it will make the gland and spindle tray snap in too early, resulting in the disc can not rotate, resulting in the failure of not reading the disc

1202 Philips movement's black gland can be used with cyan and black spindle pallets, but it will still slip when used with a small number of black spindle pallets. Pay attention to this kind of situation when replacing the bare head. You should choose a new bare head of the spindle tray with the same color as the old bare head. If you can't find it, you can put the spindle tray of the old bare head in the new bare head

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