ABB launched the world's first digital power trans

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ABB launched the world's first digital power transformer

at the 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo, abb launched the world's first power transformer with integrated digital solutions - ABB ability digital power transformer

at the 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo, ABB launched the world's first power transformer with integrated digital solutions - ABB ability number, which is better than low-carbon automobile steel plate in all aspects, and promotes the reform of the transformer industry. All ABB power transformers delivered in the future can be integrated with digital functions to realize remote monitoring and real-time analysis of key parameters, so as to further improve the stability of electricity and the utilization of assets

the transformer has a digital hub, which can be connected to different intelligent devices on the modular platform to realize plug and play function. Modular design and scalable performance allow customers to fully control the digital application of their products and can be further upgraded in the future

fang Qin, President of ABB power division, said: "ABB ability digital power transformer solution will promote the whole use of the braking torque generated by the rotation of communication Electromechanical to add load to the experimental belt. 2. The buffer oil should be kept clean. In addition to realizing operable intelligent applications at the local level, it can also enable users to access a comprehensive software and service ecosystem at the power station and enterprise level, such as the industry-leading ABB ability ellipse asset operation management system 。 The new digital function can not only improve the efficiency and prolong the life cycle of the transformer, but also improve the reliability. Through protective measures, it also determines the structure of the tension machine to slow down the impact of power failure. "

abb also launched ABB capability txplore, a wireless robot service solution that can dive into the interior of liquid immersed transformers for fast, safe and low-cost detection, and its detection status can be shared globally in near real time. This world's first innovative solution improves security, reduces human risk, and reduces the testing time from day to hour, thereby reducing downtime and reducing testing costs by about 50%

ABB ability txpert, the world's first digital distribution transformer recently launched, was also unveiled at the Hannover Industrial Expo. Txpert realizes intelligent application through interconnected equipment and ABB ability digital platform, maximizes reliability, optimizes operation and maintenance costs, and manages assets more effectively. As the first similar equipment in the world, this product directly integrates the sensing technology with the transformer in the production process to achieve higher accuracy

the transformer has the function of regulating the voltage level, boosting the voltage for high-efficiency long-distance high-voltage transmission, and reducing the voltage for distribution and users' safe use of electricity. The transformer plays the role of maintaining power quality and controlling at the same time

ABB took the lead in applying transformer technology in the 1990s, and has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry since then, constantly writing new records. ABB has the world's largest DC and AC transformers, with DC voltage levels of 1100 kV and AC voltage levels of 1200 kV. As the world's largest transformer manufacturer and service provider, abb has the unparalleled world's largest installed total and the most comprehensive portfolio of power, distribution and special transformers. As a global market and technology leader, abb provides leading technologies and solutions for power, industrial and commercial customers, and is the choice of partners to build stronger, smarter and greener electricity

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