How to choose real diatom mud

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How to choose real diatom mud

how to choose real diatom mud

May 6, 2014

[China paint information] how can we choose really good diatom mud? Industry insiders said that consumers can see, spray and smell

first, you can see the use in the same industry. First, you can see the qualification. Diatom mud manufacturers should have the patent certificate issued by the national building materials department or the test report issued by the national authoritative department, that is, as a kind of packaging material, to commercialize it, diatom mud should have a legal "identity". On the one hand, it is to ensure that the enterprise has the relevant technology and production qualification for the production of diatom mud. On the other hand, it also provides protection for the rights and interests of consumers

second, "water spray" experiment. High quality diatomite mud products have reasonable diatomite formula and do not need any glue medium in the process of wall mounting, so the microporous structure can produce the maximum compressive stress at the inner wall orthogonal to it; However, the maximum tensile stress is generated on the inner wall in the front 1 direction and the outer wall in the rear 1 direction to be completely retained, and the mud still retains strong water absorption after being put on the wall, which can be easily absorbed even if it is sprayed continuously with a high-pressure kettle

third, we should "smell peculiar smell". Diatom mud with good quality and large safety reserves will not emit any peculiar smell during construction, nor will it produce volatile substances such as formaldehyde. It is a real green wall material with zero pollution

in addition, insiders also pointed out that the price of brand diatom mud is mostly high, which is determined by the scarcity of the main raw material diatomite. The storage of high-quality diatomite is limited, and the production process is relatively complex, so the price is slightly higher than that of latex paint and wallpaper. If consumers encounter "diatomite mud" with an absurdly low price, they should buy it carefully. Diatom mud, which only sells for dozens of yuan per square meter, is likely to add impurities such as lime. The identification method is also very simple: dissolve it in water and test it with pH test paper. You will know that the real diatom mud is neutral, and the one with lime is alkaline

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